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What is Coasters Expressions?

Coaster Expressions is a brand inspired by roller coasters and the distinctive experiences found in theme parks. It began in 2022 as a hobby creating aesthetically pleasing and enjoyable roller coaster art for friends and family. Since then, the brand and its products have evolved, but remain true to the original goal of producing beautiful art for roller coaster enthusiasts. We hope you enjoy!

Are Coaster Expression products avalible in theme parks?


Do products sell out?

Unless it says limited or is part of a numbered set, it’ll most likely get restocked.

  • If it's a limited-run item, it may or may not get restocked at some point.
  • If it's part of a numbered set, it will not get restocked.

For priority notice on all releases and restocks, we recommend joining our newsletter.

Do you stock your products?

No. All our items are produced after you order. This prevents overproduction, avoids waste and reduces storage costs, which we pass on to you.

Do you do commissioned designs or take requests?

While we’re happy to hear what you’d like us to make, we typically don’t have enough free time to take on commissioned work.

Do you sell framed prints?

Currently, we do not offer pre-framed prints. While it might be something we offer in the future, we'd recommend purchasing pre-made frames at Target or any local provider in your area.

How durable are your Coaster Mugs?

All our Coaster Mugs are ceramic, safe for dishwasher and microwave, and Lead and BPA-free.


How much does shipping cost?

We have a complete rates list on our Shipping page.

Can I recieve my order by a specific date?

If you need your order by a specific date, please let us know as soon as possible, prior to placing your order. We'll work with you to recommend the shipping options that would best fit your needs.

When will my order ship?

Orders are typically fulfilled within 4 business days from date of purchase.

My order shipped but when will it arrive?

Once shipping is proccessed and lable printed, we’ll send you a confirmation email that includes the destination address and a link to the tracking information.

I havent recieved my order, is it lost?

In our experience, transit times can be wildly inconsistent, especially with items shipped via USPS. It will most likely get to you eventually, even if it takes a few extra days.

Do you ship international?

Yes we do! We ship to pretty much every country around the world via USPS.

Returns & Exchanges

Whats your returns or exchange policy?

Please give us a shout using the form below. We'll get back to you in about 1-2 business days.

Other Questions?

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