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by Gabriel Winter

Post / My First Roller Coaster Ride, Part 1

I have loved the thrill and excitement of roller coasters ever since I rode my first coaster at Legoland Windsor Resort in the UK. The Dragon! Yes the kid centric roller coaster themed around a menacing dragon. This kids coaster gave minimal force but was fun with its drops and fast low to the ground turns. I remember the feeling of terror washing over me as we entered the queue to ride for the first time and I will never forget how scared I was! This was 1998 and I was 12 living in the UK. I should say before I continue, that I grew up in a military home and it was customary to move often. This move however was different because we moved overseas to England. A new country completely different from my own. So when my dad in line for The Dragon assured me that it would be fun, exciting and safe, I paid no attention. I knew it was going to change my life. All I could think of was that 42' drop you could see from a distance as you walked the park. After riding I remember having the feeling of relief. I survived the dragon! I survived my first roller coaster and it wasn't that bad. 

One foggy day my dad brought up the idea to go to Alton Towers and stay a few nights so that we could experience the park in its entirety. As a family we really enjoyed going to the theme parks in England because of how beautiful they were. They were stunningly detailed. This fact made us want to visit all the theme parks. So next on the list was Alton Towers located just outside the quaint village of Alton. When we arrived we all were shocked at how beautiful the park was. It was a theme park located in the most beautiful garden you had ever seen and it even had a real castle that you can explore in it. This park was next level compared to Legoland. As we entered the park I had no idea what to expect. Everything was new and exciting! You could hear laughter and screams in the distance as you walked through the freshly kept gardens of the park. The screams became louder as I realized what my dad had done. He had walked me over to Alton Towers newest attraction. Oblivion.

To be continued...

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